About Lucid Operations

My name is Daniel Lee and Lucid Operations LLC (@LucidOperations) is the consulting entity under which I provide consulting services to my clients. In one capacity or another I’ve been working with computers, software, and systems for the better part of two decades now. I’ve had the good fortune to work with some of the most successful companies of our time and a truly amazing set of engineers and architects and have learned a great deal from that experience. I hope to continue to provide clients with insight concerning their challenges and provide actionable understanding and direction to guidance.

Lucid Operations Statement of Purpose

Lucid Operations provides professional consulting services for companies requiring their solutions and systems to be highly reliable, scalable, and available.

Lucid Operations has extensive experiences in:

My interest is not in selling products or licenses but in helping your company understands your challenges, options, and best solutions. Providing neutral unbiased solutions is our goal.



15+ years professional experience as lead engineer/architect at

creating solutions in systems design, coding, deployment, and operations with an emphasis on payment processing, monitoring, and alerting.

What I Provide

I will work with you to help understand your situation through the lens of my experience. I can help you come to a better understanding of your current system. Based on that understanding, we can move on to an analysis of future opportunities; we can also prioritize potential incremental and architectural improvements and estimate implementation effort.

My objective is to help you solve your current and future problems, preferably before they affect your business, by bringing to bear my years of experience and the experiences of my former employers.

You can see my LinkedIn profile here. Email me at dlee@lucid-operations.com for more information information.